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I Want to Sell my House...Now What?

Updated: May 5, 2022

In such a strong seller's market, chances are high that you have thought about selling your home or property. Perhaps you have a rental property that you might be able to maximize your return by selling now or there is a piece of land that you have had for years with plans to build but now are reconsidering. There are many reasons why selling now could be a good option, however it is not "one size fits all." Selling must make sense for you and your family and you should never feel pressure to put your house on the market. If you have weighed all the pro's and con's of selling versus keeping and you are ready to take the next step to sell your house read below for the next steps.

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Set an ideal outcome & timeline | Before you make any major decisions, think about your ideal outcome and timeline, meaning the best case circumstances for the sale. When did you want to move, do you have a house to move into if your home sells quickly? What are the most important terms to you in an offer? This also includes coming to an ideal listing price - for some guidance click below for a home valuation.

Find an agent | I recommend that you interview multiple agents. Each agent and brokerage has a different array of services that they offer clients and you will find that there is usually one agent you "mesh" best with. A few good questions to ask when interviewing agents: - What would your marketing strategy be for my home? - Do you have experience selling homes in my neighborhood or area? - Will I be working directly with you or do you work with a team? - What is your communication style & how often can I expect to hear from you - How long have you worked in real estate and is this your primary profession?

Prepare your home for the market | Every house and property will require different prep work to make it ready to list on the market. Download the checklist at the bottom of this post to help prepare your home for market.

Discuss the marketing strategy & escrow process with your Realtor | Before your home hits the market, ask your Realtor for a rundown of their marketing strategy. For every property, the marketing strategy will be unique. - is there a need for staging? - when will the professional photos & video tour (if applicable) be taken? - will there be any open houses? - what online & e-marketing does your Realtor plan to do (e-blasts to other agents, social media, property website, etc..) - will you have any print collateral? For example, personalized property flyers, postcards, etc..

Another important thing to discuss with your Realtor is the escrow process, so that you know what to expect. This includes talking about your anticipated closing costs - be sure your Realtor provides you with for an estimated net sheet, which will break down the closing costs that you will be responsible for.

If you'd like more information on listing your home email me at or call me at 808.895.0679.

pre listing checklist for sellers
Download PDF • 477KB

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